Artificial Christmas trees

Come and discover our wide range of unbelievable realistic and stylish artificial christmas trees. We offer different styles, shapes and sizes, including slim-line options and varieties that are decorated and pre-lit, to suit any style of home and those with limited space. Our artificial christmas trees are made out of PVC and PE materials and you will have a very hard time telling the difference between these magnificent artificial trees and a real one.

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Wide range of artificial Christmas trees

Take advantage of the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree and enjoy Christmas without any fuss. We offer:

  • Pre-lit Trees

  • Frosted and snowy Christmas trees

  • Mini-Trees

Our artificial trees are easy to assemble. Any questions about our range of artificial Christmas trees, or are you looking for a specific product? Please contact us

Different Size Christmas trees

At Horticentre, you find artificial Christmas trees in every size. We offer mini artificial Christmas trees, medium size artificial Christmas trees and large artificial Christmas trees up to 7 ft. See our complete collection and find an artificial Christmas tree that fits your home and budget. 


Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

  • Costs. First of all, you have to make a somewhat bigger investment, but after the purchase, you can use your Christmas tree over and over again. 

  • Sustainability. Buying an artificial Christmas tree is also better for the environment in the long run. There is no unnecessary cutting down and the tree will last for years.

  • Safety. Artificial trees are fashioned from flame-retardant materials.

  • Transportation. Artificial trees are relatively light compared to live Christmas trees. They come in square boxes, easy to stack and transport.

  • Allergies. Because artificial Christmas trees have no resin, this is a great solution for allergy sufferers.

  • Online purchasing. You don't have to leave the house by picking an artificial Christmas tree. Just enter our webshop and order your favourite tree.


Buy artificial Christmas trees online

At Horticentre, we offer enchanting artificial Christmas trees to fill your house with a magical Christmas spirit. Get in the holiday mood by buying the right artificial Christmas tree. Make an investment you enjoy for many years. Can’t find what you are looking for or do you have questions regarding our products? Please contact us.take a look at our fantastic range of indoor Christmas Lighting, Christmas Decorations and Christmas ornaments, too. 

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