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Whether you're an experienced gardener or just discovering your green thumb, having the right equipment is very important when you work in the garden! That's why you'll find all the garden essentials you might need all in one section in our webshop and in our garden centre in Overton!

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When you want to take growing vegetables to a next level, you might consider a Greenhouse in your garden. Not only if you want to grow fruit and vegetables but also if you have plants and flowers that don't like the English winters so much! Three good reasons to consider a Greenhouse in your garden are:


Greenhouses provide a protective environment for vulnerable plants, shielding them from harmful weather conditions.

2 Flexibility

Our greenhouse allows us to grow a broader range of food and flowers, and to try out plants we previously thought “too delicate”.


Having our own greenhouse allows us to save and germinate our own seeds, eliminating the need to buy commercial starters every season.

A Greenhouse creates a stable environment for you plants and crops to grow in

The global climate crisis has affected our gardening landscape, whether we like it or not. There have been a lot of record-breaking snowfalls, “never-before-recorded” temperature trends, and too-frequent droughts, resulting in unpredictable weather. Climate change has arrived, and its first ripples are already affecting our lives, particularly our gardens. It can damage plants, wash away your soil, and encourage new pests as a result of freak weather systems. We all need to learn to adapt to changing times, in our garden a greenhouse can help create a more stable growing environment for our plants and crops.

Find everything you need to keep your garden in a great condition at Horticentre

Everything you need to build and maintain a greenhouse but also if you don't want or need a greenhouse, you'll find everything you need to keep your garden in great condition all year round! From warming fleece to protect your plants from cold to garden wire to help your plants grow in the right direction! Find it in our webshop or pay us a visit in our garden centre! You can always contact us if you have any questions regarding garden essentials!

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