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To keep your lawn in great shape it needs a bit of work. With the right tools and products that will be a lot easier than you might think! At Horticentre we have everything you need to keep your lawn looking fresh all year long! Order high quality tools and products online in our webshop or come to our garden center for some personal advice!

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Nothing is more satisfying then that lovely green patch in your front or backyard! It's ideal for kids to play on and it helps keeping your garden cool on hot days. It also makes for the perfect place to play football on or have a delicious barbecue in summer! Unfortunately your lawn doesn't keep itself up. It needs a bit of work! With these 5 tips you'll keep your lawn in excellent condition!

1. Mow your lawn frequently

Mowing your lawn at least once a week during the spring and summer seasons is the first step toward a gorgeous lawn. The method may need to be altered if the climate or weather conditions change. Mow your lawn more or less frequently according to the weather and climate. It is also critical to mow at the right time. Some specialists suggest mowing the lawn in the early evening to keep the grass moist. Furthermore, maintain the grass at no more than one-third of its height.

2,.Use fertilizer for your lawn

 To obtain the look of a lawn where the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence, you must add fertilizer to your lawn care routine. Fertilizing a lawn is a simple DIY project for homeowners, and all you need is a lawn spreader and a high-quality fertilizer that suits your grass kind. A drop spreader or a broadcast spreader may be used to scatter the fertilizer. A broadcast spreader is the best for large lawns, whereas a drop spreader is suitable for smaller ones.

3.Make sure to invest in weed control

Maintaining a weed-free lawn can be challenging even for experienced gardeners. A few basic lawn care principles may help you keep the weeds at bay. Mowing, fertilizing, and deeply watering your lawn on a weekly basis are three ways you can help keep the weeds at bay. Weeds like Crabgrass that came over from America and Broadleaf weeds are particularly hard to get rid of. These weeds are notoriously difficult to eliminate, so you may need to seek expert landscaping services to handle them. Early in the spring, a lawn care professional might carefully apply a precise mixture of chemicals that kills weeds without harming the lawn. Or come into Horticentre and ask our experts for some personal advice.

4.Water your lawn regularly and deeply

The most important factor in growing a healthy lawn is adequate water. Unless you have germinated grass seeds, you should not water your lawn every day. The optimal watering routine covers the lawn twice or three times weekly. A sprinkler that covers the entire lawn area is a good option. Using a Water butt is a more sustainable solution To make the most of your watering routine, water in the early morning, between 6 and 10 a.m. Watering during midday or in the evening may not be as beneficial.

5. Reseed thin areas in your lawn

Some parts of your lawn may be in great shape, but others may be patchy. If this is the case, you should reseed those areas. You can also reseed areas that are overgrown with weeds. The first step is to kill all the weeds with a potent weedkiller. The next step is to choose a tough grass seed variety that thrives in your regional climate. The seed, fertilizer, and water must be applied everyday until the grass grows to about two inches in height. Rake and aerate the soil before seeding to ensure proper germination.

Get everything you need for a lush lawn at Horticentre

At Horticentre we enjoy a healthy green lawn just as much as you do! Find the best products to help you get and maintain a lush lawn. From weedkillers, to fertilizers, seeds and watering solutions. Have a look at our wide range of products in our webshop or visit Horticentre in Overton, where we are happy to help you with any questions regarding your lawn, you might have!

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