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At Horticentre in Wakefield, the celebration never stops – especially when it comes to fireworks. Offering a dazzling array of explosive delights, Fireworkmart is your one-stop destination for all things pyrotechnic, boasting a year-round selection that will turn any event into a memorable spectacle. Our collection features top-tier products from renowned manufacturers, including HALLMARK, EVOLUTION, PRIMED, KIMBOLTON, BRIGHT STAR, EMPEROR, and CUBE FIREWORKS.

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FireworkMart Brands: Quality Assured

At Fireworkmart, we understand the importance of quality. That's why we source our fireworks from renowned manufacturers such as HALLMARK, EVOLUTION, PRIMED, KIMBOLTON, BRIGHT STAR, EMPEROR, and CUBE FIREWORKS. With such reputable brands, you can be confident that your display will be nothing short of spectacular.

Up to 65% OFF RRP!

Who doesn't love a good deal? At Fireworkmart, we ensure our customers receive the best discounts, with prices slashed by up to 65% OFF the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). Your celebration just got more exciting and affordable.

Horticentre Firework Range

At Fireworkmart, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive selection of fireworks that cater to every taste and celebration. Our inventory includes:

  • Selection Boxes: These are assortments of various fireworks bundled together to offer a diverse and captivating display. With options like "Bright star giant bonfire", these boxes bring a mix of colours and effects to light up the night sky.
  • Rocket Packs: For those who love the thrill of soaring lights, our rocket packs are a must-have. Varieties like "Moonshot Rocket Pack" and "Blaze of Glory" will shoot vibrant rockets high into the air, leaving a trail of brilliance in their wake.


  • Barrages: Barrages are rapid-fire sequences of shots that create a stunning visual impact. Choose from "Thunderstorm Barrage" or "Inferno Assault" to add a burst of excitement to your display.
  • Mines and Wheels: Mines produce a spectacular burst of sparks and lights from a single point. Wheels are spinning fireworks that create a mesmerising circular display. 
  • Fountains and Sparklers: Fountains emit a continuous shower of sparks, creating a beautiful and radiant cascade. "Kimbolton Blizzard" is a popular choice to enhance the magical atmosphere. A classic favourite, sparklers add a touch of elegance to any celebration. 

Quality Assurance on fireworks from Horticentre

We understand that choosing the perfect fireworks can be a daunting task. That's why we offer our customers the opportunity to judge our quality before making a purchase. Explore our extensive video library showcasing the brilliance of our fireworks, allowing you to make an informed decision and ensure your display exceeds expectations.

Decades of expertise at FireworkMart

With over 50 years of experience in the fireworks industry, Fireworkmart at Horticentre stands as a beacon of expertise. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect fireworks to give your display the WOW factor and make your event an unforgettable night.

Free same day collection and Local Delivery

We value your time and convenience. Enjoy free same day collection at our garden centre, or take advantage of our free local delivery service within a 5-mile radius. For deliveries beyond this distance, rest easy knowing you can track your parcel to its destination.

Have a special request regarding fireworks or delivery? Our dedicated team at Fireworkmart is here to cater to your needs. Contact us, and let's discuss the possibilities to ensure your celebration is nothing short of extraordinary.

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