At Horticentre we understand that Christmas is all about love, delicious food, family and lush decorations. Getting in the holiday spirits by decorating the Christmas tree, the garden and ofcourse the rest of your home. At Horticentre we have a wide selection of tree decorations, ornaments, bows and ribbons and many different room decorations for an unforgettable Christmas this year.

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The Best Baubles and Christmas Tree Decorations for Your Home

Every home has its own style and so does your Christmas tree. Of Course you can follow the latest trends when it comes to colors and decoration. At Horticentre we have a wide range of Christmas decorations, come visit our garden centre in Overton.

What to look for when buying Christmas decorations

To make your Christmas tree special, buy decorations with a personal touch. Of course the decorating will be much more special when you buy ornaments that have your name on them, so put your own personality on the tree. Our experts can help you mix and match baubles, tinsels and other decorations to give your home a personal and festive touch this holiday season!

Christmas 2023

This year's Christmas trend is all about natural colors, think about white, night dark blue and moss green, with hints of silver and white. All with a bit of a modern touch, such as the spiked christmas balls or electroplated ornaments. These stylish ornaments blend in perfect with a more traditional style or color scheme like red and dark green and materials like wood and velvet.



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