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HortiCentre specialises in the cultivation and sale of all kinds of plants for your home, and that includes the best fruit trees! Everyone, kids and adults alike, loves to taste all the flavours of their home grown fruits. Do you live in- or close to Dewsbury, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Horbury or Ossett? Then come and visit HortiCentre for all kinds of amazing fruit trees! Any questions? Our staff is here to help!

Fruit Trees HortiCentre Wakefield

Fruit trees online near Wakefield

Most gardeners dream of getting to enjoy the fruits that their plants yield every year. Even though the tough and cold climate we live in makes this seem impossible at times, the possibilities are far more elaborate than we think. Blueberries, raspberries or even kiwis; these are all examples of plants that thrive on our grounds, despite the challenges. HortiCentre offers all gardeners wat they need to enjoy a fruity backyard. Come to HortiCentre near Horbury to see our full range of fruit trees for sale.

HortiCentres favourite fruit trees

Aside from the smaller berry kinds, fruit trees like apple trees, citrus trees and cherry trees are very popular. This is because these trees are easily planted and don’t need much care. Make sure to plant your fruit trees during autumn or winter, before it starts to freeze. Apple trees are great pot trees and therefore make for the perfect fruit tree for smaller gardens. Citrus trees are best put in a sunny spot, and when looking for an aesthetically pleasing solution, opt for a cherry tree, as they produce their world-famous blossoms before they yield their delicious fruits.

Fruit tree care: tips and tricks from HortiCentre

Caring for your fruit trees usually doesn’t take much time, but does need to be done properly in order to guarantee a good harvest. First of all, plant your trees at the end of the year and soak the roots. This helps the soil enclose the roots, which will protect them against upcoming low temperatures. Dig a hole in the ground that is not to deep for the roots but that does give them the horizontal space they need. Finally, always check if your fruit tree is self-fertile or not. If it isn’t, fruit production will require two trees of the same kind in proximity to eachother, as some sort of pollination is needed. For more help, stop by our garden centre near Ossett and ask our helpful staff.

All kinds of fruit trees online and in store

HortiCentre has a wide array of fruit trees ready to purchase on display in the garden centre, and happily invites you to come and take a look. You can visit HortiCentre nearby Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Horbury or Ossett. Questions and concerns are professionally handled by our staff. This garden centre is easily accessible to wheelchair users.

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