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All you need to start growing your own potatoes can be found right here in Horticentre's webshop. Explore our wide range of seed potatoes, from first earlies to maincrop potatoes. And once you have selected your favourite potatoes, you can find all necessary accessories here. Potato fertiliser, planter packs and other accessories can be easily ordered online.

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What do you use a patio planter for?

A patio planter is a container used to grow plants on a patio or other outdoor area. It can be used to add greenery and color to a patio, to create a garden area, or to grow herbs, vegetables, or flowers. They are often used to add some greenery and beauty to outdoor living spaces. You can find several patio planter packs online in Horticentre's webshop. Use these to grow your own vegetables, flowers or herbs on your patio or balcony!

Which vegetables can you grow on your balcony or patio?

Many vegetables can be grown on a balcony, as long as they have adequate sunlight, water, and soil. It is important to choose container with enough depth and width to allow the plants to grow properly. Some popular vegetables, other than our very own seed potatoes, that can be grown in containers on a balcony include:

Everything you need to grow your own!

Everything you need to grow your own potatoes, fruit, herbs or vegetables can be found online in Horticentre's webshop. Have a look at our wide range of seed potatoes, including first and second earlies. Rather fill your garden with maincrop tubes? We have filled our online shop with many different varieties. Vegetables seeds, herb seeds, seeds for all kinds of fruit and all accessories you need to grow your own can easily be ordered in Horticentre's webshop. 

Do you have questions about the right seed potato or planting pack for you? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts can advise you on how and when to sow, grow and harvest your own fruit or vegetables. 

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