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Discover the perfect garden heating solutions to elevate your outdoor space with Horticentre. We offer a wide selection of chimineas, firepits, and accessories in various styles and designs. Whether you're seeking the traditional charm of a chiminea or the versatility of a firepit, we have the ideal options to keep you warm and cosy during chilly evenings.

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The benefits of having a chiminea or fire pit

Having a chiminea or fire pit in your garden can be a great addition to your outdoor space. Not only does it provide warmth and light, but it also creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. A chiminea is a freestanding, clay or metal fireplace that is typically used for heating and cooking, whilst a fire pit is a circular or square pit that is dug into the ground or built above it, usually made of brick or stone. And with proper ventilation, you may consider a small fire pit as an option to heat your garden room. Both options offer a rustic and charming touch to your garden and can be used for socialising, cooking, or simply relaxing.

However, it's important to keep in mind that chimineas and fire pits can be a fire hazard if not used properly, so make sure to follow safety guidelines and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Overall, having a chiminea or fire pit in your garden can enhance your outdoor experience and provide a cosy and inviting space for you and your loved ones.

Heating your outdoor space using wood

Wood burning outdoor heaters provide a natural and cozy warmth, as well as a rustic ambiance. They are a great option for those who love the smell and crackle of burning wood and want to create an authentic outdoor experience.

Stylish firepits at Horticentre

Nothing beats the smell of a nice campfire, the mesmerising flames and the sound of the crackling wood. With the unique fire pits at Horticentre you have all the benefits of a magical campfire, easy to light and no mess to clean up the next morning. Enjoy sitting outdoors at night even in autumn and winter and stay nice and warm around your own firepit. Not only are firepits practical these days, they are a beautiful ornament in your garden or on your patio.

The ultimate outdoor fire: chimineas

Chimineas have long been cherished for their timeless appeal and efficient heat output. At Horticentre, you'll find a range of chimineas crafted from cast iron, each offering its unique aesthetic and functionality. Our chimineas are available in different sizes to suit your garden's dimensions and personal preferences. Enhance the ambience of your outdoor space while enjoying the radiant warmth these beautiful pieces provide.

Chimineas at Horticentre

Not only are chimeneas of great decorative value in any outdoor space. Made out of heavy-duty cast iron, chimineas have an excellent heat retention and fit into any style of setting. With an easy to use slide-in cooking grill, you can host the ultimate outdoor gathering any time of year and impress your guests with a supreme patio centrepiece.

Your one-stop shop for garden heating

To enhance your garden heating experience, we also offer a range of accessories, including high-quality Lumpwood Charcoal, Barbecue Charcoal and lighting fluid. Perfect for use with chimineas and firepits, our charcoal provides a clean and efficient burn, ensuring consistent heat and an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience. Pair your chiminea or firepit with our heating accessories for a complete and satisfying garden heating setup.

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