Whether you have a large vegetable garden, a classic rose garden, a tiny patio or a balcony. At Horticentre we have all the products you need to keep all the plants in your garden or on your balcony in great shape. Have a look at our online supply or come to Horticentre to have a look at our wide range of products, here our experienced staff is available for all your questions regarding gardening.

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Creating your own dream garden is easier than you might think

If you're dreaming of growing your own vegetables or creating that lush rose tree garden of your dreams, you will need certain gardening tools and products to help you get the job done. Most gardening can be done with your bare hands and some brute strength. But having the right tools and products at hand will certainly make gardening better, safer, more comfortable and satisfying! You can prevent some serious back injuries by investing in and using appropriate garden tools. At Horticentre we have a wide range of gardening tools and products to help you achieve a better result in your garden. Better veggies, nicer flowers and greener shrubs!

The importance of good gardening tools

To prevent unnecessary injuries or discomfort and the best results in your  garden, it's important to have the right tools. Like sharp and ergonomical shears to keep your hedge in shape. But also kneeling pads for when your working on your borders. A good steel shovel, for the heavy duty of taking on the ground in your garden. Ofcourse a pair of good quality garden gloves to protect your hands from thorns, splinters and cold can't be forgotten! It not only makes the gardening more easy but also more fun! Ask our staff for advice or have a look in our webshop and find the right tools and accessories to get started in your garden.

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