Rose Trees

Tree roses aren't an actual class of rose, but rather a way to grow them. What this means is that you graft bush or climbing roses onto straight trees, which gives the desired tree-like appearance. Ask about it at Horticentre in Overton or order your Rose trees in our webshop.

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What are Rose trees?

There are three main types:

  • miniature roses, which are usually grafted onto trunks only 1 to 2 feet high;
  • floribundas, hybrid teas and grandiflora grown on stocks about 3 or 4 feet tall;
  • The climbing rose, which is grafted onto a 6-foot trunk for the classic and romantic weeping tree roses of commerce.

Plant them in large groups with space between each plant - around 3–5 ft apart typically – as well as being careful when planting one next to another due to their fragile nature.

In order for your garden's environment be favorable towards these delicate flowers, you will need protection from cold temperatures that can kill an unprepared shrub during winter months if not kept indoors at all times until spring arrives (unless grown in containers). You may also propagate by grafting trees themselves onto special funds by using wounding techniques such as budding or layering (cloning) cuttings from branches that have been pruned back hard after blooming season concludes. One very good use of this kind of plant would be adding height accentuation near entrances where it might otherwise take up too much valuable space within your yard.

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