Other Vegetables

Our special selection other vegetable consist out of vegetables like artichokes, rhubarb and asparagus. To complement your garden plant these beautiful vegetables. Make your own compote or serve fresh Asparagus from your own kitchen garden. Buy only the best quality seeds online in our webshop or come to our garden center in Overton.

Why growing your own fruits and vegetables is so amazing

Growing your own fruit and vegetables has many benefits, but one of the nicest things about it is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from growing your own food. When you grow your own produce, you have control over what goes into your food, and you can be confident that it's fresh and free of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Additionally, growing your own fruits and vegetables allows you to enjoy fresh produce that is in season, and often tastes much better than store-bought produce that has been transported long distances. The process of growing your own food can also be therapeutic, as it gives you a chance to get outside and connect with nature, and to be proud of what you have created.

Finally, growing your own food can be a fun and educational experience for the whole family. Children can learn about where their food comes from, and can take pride in helping to grow it. It can also be a great opportunity to teach them about environmental sustainability and the importance of eating fresh, healthy food.

Is it a lot of work to grow your own vegetables?

Another myth is that it is a lot of work to grow your own fresh vegetables. It doesn’t have to be! If you want to grow your own herbs to use while cooking and pick your own tomatoes, that is not a lot of complicated work. It’s fairly easy and with the right garden tools, growing media and some tender, love and care, you’ll be enjoying your own kitchen garden in no time!

What vegetable seeds should I choose?

First of all, the ones which you like best but keep in mind the kind of garden or outdoor space you have available and how much time you have to tend to your vegetables. For Seed potatoes you need different space then for onion and garlic or Edamame beans! So make a plan, see when the vegetable seeds of your liking need planting and harvesting and how much room and time it will take to successfully grow them into delicious vegetables!

This is what you need to start your own fresh vegetable and fruit garden

To grow fruit and vegetables in your own garden, you will need the following items which can all be found in our garden centre in Overton: 

  • Seeds or seedlings: Choose seeds or seedlings that are appropriate for your climate and the growing season in your area.
  • Soil: Well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter is best for growing fruits and vegetables. You may also need to amend the soil with compost, manure, or other organic matter.
  • Containers or garden space: If you don't have a garden, you can grow fruits and vegetables in containers. Choose containers that are appropriate for the size of the plants you want to grow.
  • Tools: You will need basic gardening tools such as a shovel, rake, hoe, and watering can. You may also want to invest in a wheelbarrow and gloves.
  • Watering system: A steady supply of water is essential for growing fruits and vegetables. You can use a hose, watering can, or an irrigation system.
  • Fertiliser: You may need to fertilise your plants to ensure they have the nutrients they need to grow and produce fruit. Choose a fertiliser that is appropriate for your plants.
  • Support: Some plants, such as tomatoes and beans, may need supports to help them grow upright.
  • Pest control: Pests such as aphids, slugs, and caterpillars can damage your plants. Choose an appropriate pest control method, such as insecticidal soap or copper strips, to keep pests under control.

Whether you’d like to start small or turn your home garden into a mini farm, we have the right tools for you at %name% in %locations%. From starter kits to small greenhouses, you can find it in our garden centre. By providing your plants with the right growing conditions, you can successfully grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in your own garden and whip up a delicious home-grown meal in no-time!

Buy seeds for your own fruit and vegetable garden at Horticentre 

Can’t wait to start growing your own fresh produce? Find everything you need for your own fruits and vegetables garden in our webshop or our garden centre in Overton Enjoy our wide range of fruit seeds, vegetable seeds, accessories such as containers, fertiliser, soil and handy tools like a rake, hoe or shovel. Want to know more about the how - what - where - of starting to grow your own radishes, tomatoes or strawberries? Contact us and we help you get your green thumb on! 

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