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Nothing says Christmas quite like a real tree and what could be more magical than hand selecting your very own christmas tree? Come and pick a fresh tree from only the very best our growers have to offer at Horticentre!

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Why You Should Buy a real Christmas Tree This Year

The festive season is coming closer, what tree are you going to get this year? Did you know that buying a real Christmas is not only magical but can also be sustainable at the same time?

What is the benefit of buying a real Christmas tree?

A real Christmas tree is a treasured symbol of the holiday spirit, a decoration for the home, a source of joy, when everybody gets together to decorate it. And don't forget the delicious smell it spreads throughout your house.If you have a garden you might consider buying a real Christmas tree like a solid Nordman or a Frasier fir and plant it after Christmas somewhere ncie in the garden. Next year you can dig the roots up again and put it inside for the Christmas period. But even if you don't have a garden or don't want to plant the tree in your garden. Buying a real Christmas tree is for many a tradition. At Horticentre we like to let everyone pick their own tree and our expert in the centre are more then happy to assist you with anyquestions you might have.

Tips on how to care for your Christmas tree

With the wide range of trees available at Horticentre, we are confident there is a tree for everyone. Depending on the tree of your choice, our experts will give you advice on:

  • When you can put your tree up
  • How long to leave it
  • How much water to give it.

Also for other questions regarding buying and caring for a real Christmas tree, our staff at Horticentre will be glad to assist you.


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