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Our Christmas Lights ‘LEaD’ the way for energy savers!


When it comes to the environment we think it is fair to say that we all recognise our responsibilities in using less energy. This, however can be a difficult circle to square when it comes to Christmas as we have less natural light to play with and we all want a festive looking home and this can mean a lot of lights on for a lot of the time. In days gone by the predominant lighting medium was incandescent lights which, while undoubtedly attractive, they have many a drawback but there is a light at the end of the tunnel (excuse the pun) and it is LED.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and there emergence as the new force in lighting is hailing a new energy efficient era, let’s look at some facts;

  • LEDs can last up to 10 years longer than incandescent bulbs
  • LEDs can be up to 90% more energy efficient than comparable incandescent lighting sets
  • LEDs do not heat up like incandescent bulbs and therefore do not burn out and more importantly are SAFER TO USE!
  • LEDs bulbs are non-replaceable in most Christmas bulb sets but one blowout will not cause your system to fail, a frequent problem with incandescent bulbs
  • LEDs are far more flexible in design so you can find a greater range of designs, colours and functions leading to better Christmas displays
  • LEDs can have built in timers so they only stay lit for a set period of time, again saving energy, removing the problem of forgetting to switch them off and on and also making them safer as they won’t be on whilst you are not around.

Looking at these facts it’s hard to argue that we should all think about going LED at Christmas but this shouldn’t mean you have to break the bank doing so and here at HortiCentre we have an enormous range of LED sets both Battery and Mains Powered in all the colours, lengths and varieties you could ask for. Just have a look and if you have any more questions then and we can point you in the right direction.

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